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Hydraulic motor type

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Hydraulic motor type

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2. Main performance parameters
1, the pressure,
1) working pressure PM
Actual pressure of working medium at motor inlet.
The operating pressure of a motor is generally approximated to its operating pressure difference.
2) rated pressure PMN
Under normal working conditions, the maximum pressure for continuous operation is specified according to the test standard.
2. Displacement Vm
The volume of liquid required for the change in the geometry of the sealing chamber for each turn of the motor shaft.
3, traffic
1) theoretical flow QMT
The flow rate required to change the volume of the motor seal chamber.
2) actual flow qm
The flow rate at the motor inlet.
Note: the actual flow of the motor is greater than the theoretical flow.
Qm = QMT + Dqm
4. Volumetric efficiency and rotational speed
1) volumetric efficiency
The ratio of the theoretical flow to the actual flow of a motor
2) theoretical output speed NMT and actual output speed nm
5. Torque and mechanical efficiency
1) torque
Theoretical output torque
Actual output torque
2) mechanical efficiency
6. Power and total efficiency
1) input power
The product of inlet pressure and inlet flow of a motor
2) output power
The product of the actual output torque and the actual output angular velocity
3) total efficiency
The ratio of output power to input power
Structure and working principle
1. External meshing gear motor
All the teeth of each unengaged gear have the same pressure in the valley, so no rotation torque is generated.Only the meshing point m divides the two meshing tooth surfaces into high and low pressure action areas. The unbalanced moment acting on the b valley causes the right gear to rotate counterclockwise, while the unbalanced moment acting on the a valley causes the left gear to rotate clockwise.
2. Vane motor
1) structure
Eaton M series structure: the power core consists of stator ring, rotor, 12 blades and 6 pairs of spring rocker arms.The rocker spring keeps the blade protruding and pushing against the inner wall of the stator ring. The blade rotates with the rotor and slides back and forth in the rotor slot under the pressure of the stator ring.The rotor is connected with the spline of the output shaft, which is supported by two bearings.





























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