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Industrial planetary hydraulic small winch

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Industrial planetary hydraulic small winch

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SJS hydraulic winch hp-8000-59-h and hp-11000-59-h small industrial planet hydraulic winch imported from the United States, the hydraulic winch is mainly used in crawler tractor auxiliary winch, repair truck and trailer, workover rig auxiliary winch, drilling rig auxiliary winch, loader winch and other construction sites to pull and pull heavy things.Its features are compact structure, small volume, light weight, large tension, high efficiency, simple installation, flexible operation and convenient maintenance.
Structural characteristics of
Two-stage high efficiency hydraulic planetary gear drive;
Balancing valve, spring acting multi-disc brake and overrunning clutch ensure the safe use of the winch;
The balance valve can accurately control the descending operation.
Spring action multi-disc brake, even in the motor damage or pipeline rupture, still can hang load;
The brake is designed with a safety factor of more than 3, which can guarantee the safety of the winch even if the back pressure of the system reaches 150psi (1.05Mpa).
The overrunning clutch in the lifting direction of the hydraulic winch allows the input shaft to rotate freely and transfer power;And in the reverse time and the brake joint as a whole to play a braking role;
Simple structure, easy to operate, easy to maintain and repair.





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