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Hydraulic winch classification and construction

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Hydraulic winch classification and construction

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Improved utility and structure
1.1 improve the use and application scope of hydraulic winch the winch is equipped with flameproof electrical equipment to form an electrical flameproof mine mine winch, which is primarily used for improving coal, gangue, lifting personnel, materials, materials and equipment below the mine. 
This product is planned and manufactured according to the enterprise standards of heavy machinery co., LTD. : Q/ cict003-2012 "jtp-type mine hoist", "coal mine safety regulations", JB/ t7888-2010 "jtp-type mine hoist" and aq1033-2007 "jtp-type mine hoist safety inspection standards".
1.3 improve the technical functions of winch this product has two basic types:
(1) single cylinder drum surround type mine hoist. 
(2) double cylinder winding type mine hoist. 
1.4 primary structure and operation principle this product is composed of power system, transmission system, operation system, braking system, operation system indication, maintenance system and its subordinate parts.
Improve the hydraulic winch with the motor as the power source, after the planetary gear reduction equipment, spindle equipment constitutes the product efficient transmission system and operating system;The safe and reliable braking system is composed of flameproof hydraulic station and brake equipment.The complete control and operation system of the winch is composed of flameproof operating platform and flameproof electrical control equipment.The complete indication and maintenance system of this product is composed of flameproof depth indicator and centrifugal speed limiting equipment.




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